Get Involved...

We are always looking for volunteers.  Please contact us at  if you're interested.  Here are some ways to get involved:

Elected Officer Positions on the Board of Directors

You can run for an officer position on the Board.

The elected officers of the Wellesley Club of San Diego are President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Officers are elected at the annual Spring meeting. Most recent elections for the open positions of Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer took place at the Spring Meeting on May 17, 2014. The terms for those offices are two years. With the consent of the membership, any elected position may be shared by two persons. Officers may be reelected for successive terms.

Appointed Positions

You can be appointed to a position on the Board.

There are a number of other opportunities to be appointed by the President for non-Officer positions on the Board. Open positions include but are not limited to: Newsletter Editor, Webmistress, Membership Chair, Communications Chair, and ALANA Representative. Click on the titles to see descriptions of the positions on the Wellesley website. You may also feel free to pitch your own made-up position based on your interests and talents. Please also consider being a Club Decades Chair (for example, for the 1970s for classes from 1970-1979, for the 1980s for classes from 1980-1989, etc.) to help coordinate communications, connections, and possibly events for the classes in your decade.

Other Ways to Get Involved

You can also volunteer to interview prospective students, or volunteer to plan an event. If there's any event that you think would be fun, please volunteer to organize it! Again, please contact us at  if you're interested.